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LaMarre and Dancers

Movement is what we do.  Art is what we create.

Our Mission

LAMARRE AND DANCERS main mission is to expose contemporary modern dance to a variety of new audiences in new spaces. Through site-specific performances and interdisciplinary art collaborations, the dancers create visual artwork that brings awareness to environments and subject matters that significantly impact our community. As Detroit grows and changes, so does LaMarre and Dancers. We hope to continue bringing movement to the new gallery opening on the corner, the movie night on the grassy hill, the courtyard at the summer festival, the inside walls of the museum, and the front yard of your house (if you let us!)

Work Samples

Blood Root

"Blood Root" brings four female musicians and dancers together to question the struggle and persistence of the female experience. Composed by Kelly Moran, Live Prepared Piano by Sonya Belaya, Live Dance by Rachael Ahn Harbert and Lisa LaMarre. Each of the 10 sections are dedicated to a different flower, delicate but strong, rooted and intertwining. Exploring the voice of the female soul through hardship, longing, and beauty.

Alignment was a research piece questioning "what does it mean to be human?" in ways in which over a dozen dancers and musicians could exist independently and in collaboration toward some form of cohesiveness. The piece is set in a Skate Park in the heart of Detroit where many feel the pain of unaligned views and dissonance, where labels may seem misaligned with actualities. The two dancers trapped in virtual reality never exist with human form until the end and the real raw spontaneous decisions of the dancers are shown through their reactions and responses. In the end there is a commonality, but what has really been accomplished? The piece was open to the public and those passing by taking the risk to stop what they were doing and watch.


Wondering Silver Consideration was originally created and performed for the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) Canvas to Dance series, featuring “leading Detroit choreographers” in 2016. The choreography finds inspiration from Andy Warhol, American, Silver Clouds, 1966 through the lens of imagination and scientific study. The piece is a visual and auditory experience defying the restrictions of a traditional stage space toward a more tactile sensation for the audience.

Wondering Silver Consideration

Mechanical Response

Trailer (below) for "Mechanical Response," exhibition at Detroit's N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art (Nov. 2015) dance film written, directed and edited by Erin Thomas Wilson; choreographed and co-produced by Lisa LaMarre; movement by Rachael Ahn Harbert, Miranda Smith, Marianne Brass and Lisa LaMarre; camera work by Joshua Tyron (D.P.), Seth Thompson and Raleigh Chadderdon. Filmed at the Light Box Performance Venue (formerly Greater New Light Baptist Missionary Church) on Linwood Ave, in Detroit, MI. Music score by Matt Black; trailer music by "Jaws That Bite." Collaborators include SideCar Studios, ArtPeers, Epiglottic Photographic, LaMarre and Dancers, and Light Box.

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